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Need Roofing Services?

Trust an experienced professional

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your property. When things start to go wrong, big problems can follow. Freeman Construction LLC offers shingle and metal roof installation and repair services. We work with both homes and businesses in Gonzales, LA.

A good roof can help your structure by:

  • Boosting curb appeal
  • Providing insulation
  • Keeping pests out
  • Protecting you from the elements
Prevent further damage by getting your roof repaired today. Give us a call for a free estimate on roofing services.

Count on us to cover you

Whether it's from aging or the most recent storm, a damaged roof is no laughing matter. You could face the potential for all kinds of problems if it isn't addressed right away. Freeman Construction LLC can get your roof back in functioning order before larger problems arise.

Many of the signs that your roof needs repaired or replaced can be seen with the naked eye. They include:

Curling, buckling or missing shingles
Proof of moss, fungi or mold
Drooping from wind or water damage

Still unsure if you need roofing services? We're happy to come take a look.