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Are You Planning a Project for Your Home?

Rely on us for your construction needs

If you're planning a major project around the house, you may not know where to start. Freeman Construction LLC offers services for all areas indoors and out. We are a full-service construction company located in Gonzales, LA.

Our main services include:

  • Pools
  • Roofing
  • Custom homes
  • Concrete
Whether you need a new roof or want a place to cool off, we want to be your go-to construction company. Reach out today to get started on your project.

Take the plunge. Get a free estimate on your new pool.

If you've been thinking of installing a new pool, now's the time to get started. Freeman Construction, LLC is locally owned and ready to give you the pool you've always imagined. We offer gunite pool builds for both residential and commercial customers, just like you.

Our pools are completely customizable, meaning you get to choose the shape, size and depth. Don't wait another year to spend your summers cool by the pool. Call us today to get an estimate on the pool you desire.

From replacements to repairs, our roofing services have you covered

Roofs wear down over time. The average roof lasts about 20 years if nothing goes wrong. Freeman Construction LLC is there for when aged roofs or unexpected events happen. We offer everything from simple repairs to total roof replacement. By doing repairs as they come up, you can save yourself from further damage and money wasted.

Do you have a roof that needs repair? Get in contact with us to schedule touch-up services before small problems become big ones.